It’s difficult to manage data across multiple systems and align teams without reliable metrics. When the stakes are high and failure is costly, we help our clients unlock the value of their data to make better decisions.

Data Science

Annexa helps organizations better serve its customers by creating data systems that better understand and predict consumer behavior.

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Cloud Enterprise Integration

Migrate, consolidate, and integrate. Do more with less. We work with clients to create end-to-end solutions across the enterprise.

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IT Infrastructure

Our engineers ensure your mission critical infrastructure receives the care and attention it deserves.

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How We Deliver

Ideas Over Egos

We don’t see hierarchy, but a group of people aligned to make others lives better. Ideas drive innovation above all and are what matters most.

Less Is More

We don’t bite off more than we can chew, and strive to make things simple for our clients. We know that adoption of new technology is tough, and success comes from making tasks and decisions easier.

We Hire Great People

We can’t do any of this without an experienced and thoughtful team of developers and engineers, which makes hiring the right people an essential piece of our business.


How we think. How we work.